20 dancers for the xxth century

Colin will be performing at the Tate Modern in London this week as part of 20 dancers for the xxth century. The project is a collaboration between the Tate, and French company Musee de la danse/Boris Charmatz.
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Colin Dunne is a guest tutor on the MA programmes in both Traditional and Contemporary Dance Performance, and the BA in Traditional Music and Dance at the University of Limerick.

The Colin Dunne Masterclass has been touring since 2003.

The Masterclass is typically a two day event and is split over two levels. Classes in traditional dance have a strong focus on musicality, finding a sense of flow in movement and rhythm, and an emphasis on losing tension in the upper body. Recently Colin has also begun teaching a separate release based class which forms the basis of his ongoing creative work. Upcoming classes are listed in the news section.

If you are interested in hosting a Colin Dunne Masterclass you should contact here. Hosts should have the appropriate experience in organising such an event. Masterclasses are not offered to any one school and should be open to all dancers in your city/area.

Cities visited so far:

Beijing, Berlin, Birmingham Alabama, Cologne, Dallas, Gainesville, Jackson Mississippi, Lincoln Nebraska, Moscow, Munich, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Quebec City, Raleigh North Carolina, St Petersburg, Vienna, Washington D.C, Zurich. | Design: